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When, for any reason, you are denied access to a page in SharePoint, this Access Denied
page comes up, indicating what account you’re logged in with and giving you a link to
try logging in again as a different user (or go back a page to one where you were allowed
access). In this case, all you need to do is log in as the site collection administrator. For
me, that would be shareadmin (make sure the prompt displays the correct domain for the
account; if it doesn’t, use the domain\username syntax).
9. So, just click Sign In As A Different User to get a login prompt (Figure 3.51).
Signing in as a
different user
10. Type in the site collection administrator’s username and password (the prompt can also
offer to remember the credentials so as to not prompt you so often). Click OK.
And voila! The Company Site home page ills the browser.
Congratulations, you’ve reached the first page of the top-level site in the first site collection in
your first web application.
The page might not look very intimidating, and that’s rather the point (Figure 3.52). The
site should be easy to navigate, easy to understand, and not overly cluttered. At the top of the
page is a dark blue bar with a Site Actions menu, Navigate Up and Edit Page buttons, some
ribbon bar tabs on the left, and the Account menu (showing your login name) on the right. Below
the dark blue bar is the title of the site with an arrow and the name of the page itself (a sort of
breadcrumb/title combo). Below the title is the description of the site (Corporate Collaboration),
which really shows up only on this page.
Beneath the title area is a Home tab, and on the right are the Search field and help icon. Below
them are the Quick Launch bar on the left and the web part or rich content area (the main content
area for most pages in SharePoint) in the center. We will be covering SharePoint’s interface in
much more detail in the next chapter, but this at least gives you an idea what to expect from the
Team Site home page.
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