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services in the console
Now we should check IIS. There will be much more in the IIS console, because during the
initial configuration we created the SharePoint-80 web application and assigned it an
application pool identity. We also set up the Business Data Connectivity service application, which
should show up under Web Services. SharePoint also, during configuration, created the Central
Administration website and a site dedicated to web services, like the Topology service and
Security Token service.
But before we get to IIS, on the SQL server, there should be six new databases, and on
the SharePoint server, new service accounts should have been added as members to the
new SharePoint local security groups.
Confirming SQL Databases
You know that SharePoint created a number of databases during installation and configuration,
and you know that those databases need to have certain accounts accessing them.
If you are able, go to the SQL server and check out the databases. I’ll show you how to check
the permissions on a database or two, with the idea that once you know how to do it, you can
check the others on your own.
1. Log into the SQL server (mine is RR1), and open the SQL Management Studio (for SQL
2008, go to Start All Programs Microsoft SQL Server 2008 folder SQL Management
Studio). Log in using the correct account.
2. In the SQL Management Studio window, open the Databases node in the Object Explorer
pane. Underneath you should see (Figure 3.54), in addition to whatever SQL-related or
non-SharePoint databases you might have, the six databases that SharePoint made (you
might have configured different database names): configuration (SharePoint_Conig),
search (WSS_Search_SPF2), logging (WSS_Logging), BDC (BDC_Services_DB_1),
SharePoint-80’s content database (WSS_Content), and Central Administration site’s
content database (Admin_Content_( GUID )). The names of most of these databases
should be familiar to you, since you specified them as you configured their services.
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