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4. To avoid having any rogue email servers spam the incoming email–enabled lists or
libraries, you can specify exactly what servers are considered safe to accept email from.
I am not worried about rogue servers, so I am keeping the setting Accept Mail From All
E-Mail Servers. If rogue servers are a worry in your environment, feel free to specify the
safe server IP addresses here. Once all of the settings are correct, click OK. That will take
you back to the System Settings page.
The Incoming
Settings page
There is a bit of a bug in this version of SharePoint that incorrectly displays both incoming and
outgoing email. For incoming email, it incorrectly shows it as started on this Services On Server page,
even when it hasn’t been configured yet. For outgoing email, it will display in Servers In Farm as
“NOT CONFIGURED” when it is in fact configured and working fine. Keep that in mind if you know
what you’ve configured and what you haven’t.
User Accounts
Obviously SharePoint is useless without users, and it can’t be administered without
administrators. Therefore, no installation is complete until you know how to add more accounts to
SharePoint. Here is a very brief look at adding accounts.
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