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Prepare for a Complete installation. SharePoint has certain software and
hardware requirements before it can be installed. In addition, some of those requirements
vary depending on the type of installation you choose. To be prepared for installing
SharePoint, it is good to know what to install, how to install it, and in what order.
Master It During the installation process, in what way does the Complete installation
vary from the Standalone installation?
Install SharePoint using the Complete installation option. Several types of SharePoint
installation are available: Standalone, which is a single-server installation that installs
without intervention with all default settings and uses a SQL Server Express database; Server
Farm, Stand-alone, which is essentially the Standalone Installation but with an additional
configuration option before installation begins; and Server Farm, Complete installation,
which allows you to manage all configuration options and specify the SQL server that will
manage the databases. Each installation type has its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s good
to know about them before you begin.
Master It Does SQL have to be on a different server when you install SharePoint using
the Complete installation option?
Determine what service accounts SharePoint requires and how to set them up. T h e
SharePoint Complete installation requires you to have accounts available to be used by its
services. It is best if the accounts are created ahead of time. They should use the least
possible privileges on the domain. In addition, most services require you to register and
manage their service accounts.
Master It List three service accounts that SharePoint uses and what they are used for.
Manually configure necessary SharePoint services. Because the Complete installation
does not make assumptions about if and how you want to configure services, it leaves you
to configure them yourself. This lets you specify details, such as indexing schedules, service
accounts, database names, and more.
Master It Is there a service account that you have to configure in a Complete installation
that does not require a managed account?
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