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If you typically log into your workstation with one account and log into SharePoint with another,
consider configuring your browser to simply prompt for a password by default in order to avoid the
hassle of having to wait to be denied so you can log in as a different account.
In Internet Explorer, go to Tools Internet Options while on the site. In the Internet Options dialog
box, click the Security tab make sure the zone that the site should be in is selected, and click the
Custom Level button. In the Custom Level dialog box, scroll down to the last settings under User
Authentication Logon, and select Prompt For Username And Password.
3. Once you are logged in, it might take a moment while ASP.NET compiles the page, and
then the home page for your first SharePoint site will appear (Figure 4.1).
Team Site Landmarks
For us to have a common vocabulary for these features, I’ll briefly go over the highlights of
what’s on the page, what each item is called, and what each item does. Remember, this is the
interface for a home page created with the Team Site template. You may have chosen a different
template for your top-level site, so don’t worry if your home page looks different on your server.
Every site template in SharePoint has the same underlying capabilities, but they are laid out
differently based on each one’s core task, such as blogging, meeting management, or document
management. Don’t be alarmed if your site doesn’t look exactly like mine. Many of the
navigation features are the same. Figure 4.2 shows all the page landmarks.
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