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Each of the components on the page has a purpose. Here’s a quick rundown of where
everything is and what it does, starting on the home page (from the top left):
Top Ribbon Bar That dark bar across top of the page is a consistent element for all pages
on the site. When you scroll down a page, it doesn’t move. When you access a ribbon bar for
a page, it essentially hangs off the top ribbon bar, with the ribbon tool tabs appearing on the
top ribbon bar. It contains a menu for working on the page and the site; buttons for editing,
viewing, and managing the page; and a menu for user tasks, such as logging out and
viewing user information.
Title Area The area below the top ribbon bar contains the title and description for the site
(the description appears only on the home page, however) and an icon for the site that can be
customized. The title also acts as a breadcrumb, indicating the page you are on and the pages
to take you back to the home page, with little arrows between each page link. If you are on a
list or library, the title breadcrumb appends its view to the end of the path.
Top Link Bar This area is used primarily as a navigation tool and is meant to contain links
to subsites in the collection. It currently contains a link for the home page. In this version of
SharePoint it does double duty, containing the search field and help icon on the right side of
the page as well.
Unfortunately, when a ribbon is enabled and hangs off the top ribbon bar, it covers both the title
area and the top link bar. When those areas are covered, you lose the title breadcrumb, a convenient
means to navigate back to the home page, and you also lose access to the search field and the help
icon (big oops on that one). That’s why Microsoft has a Browse tab on the top ribbon bar—so you
can click it to get rid of the ribbon bar and uncover the title area and top link bar. But what if your
users are new and need to use Help to figure out how to get rid of that ribbon? I guess they’ll just
have to call you.
Quick Launch Bar Below the top link bar on the left of the page is the Quick Launch bar.
This navigational device contains links to lists and libraries on the site, as well as to a page
containing links to All Site Content (in case something you want to access isn’t on the Quick
Launch bar) and to the Recycle Bin for the logged-in user (in case they accidentally delete
something and want to restore it). The types of items listed, such as libraries, lists,
discussions, are organized under headings.
The Quick Launch bar has a few hidden gems of its own.
During the process of creating a list or library, you are given the choice whether or not to add it to
the Quick Launch bar. There can be lists or libraries that are useful to contain files used by the site
itself (such as pictures or pages), and it’s a good idea to obscure them from unnecessary
exploration by users.
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