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To see all the lists, libraries, and subsites of a site, simply click All Site Content at the bottom of
the Quick Launch bar.
You can filter the page using the View menu located above the content of the page on the right (you’ll
also notice the page has the standard Quick Launch bar, top link, title area, and top ribbon bar). The
page organizes lists and libraries by type as much as possible, such as document libraries, picture
libraries, discussions, and so on, as well as listing subsites and a link to the Recycle Bin. For each
type of object, the page displays how many items it contains and when last it was modified (very
useful). The page even gives you access to the site’s workflows (click the Site Workflows link at the
top of the page). You can even get to the Create page to create new lists, libraries, or subsites from
the All Site Content page.
You can also use the headings on the Quick Launch bar to access the All Site Content page. For
example, if you wanted to see all the lists for the site, you could click the Lists heading in the Quick
Launch bar, and it would take you to All Site Content, filtered to show just lists.
There are some types of site content, such as discussion lists or picture libraries, that don’t get a
heading on the Quick Launch bar until a list or library of that type is created. Once the heading is
there, even if the list or library itself is deleted, the heading stays, even if it doesn’t have anything
under it.
At the end of the Quick Launch bar is the link to the Recycle Bin, a tool that should be familiar to
anyone who has used a Windows computer. If a user deletes an object, it will go to the Recycle Bin
for about 30 days (by default). Each user has a Recycle Bin and can get to it from the Quick Launch
bar or All Site Content page to restore an object.
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