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Edit Page This menu item does the same thing that the Edit Page button in the top
ribbon bar does. It simply puts the page you are on into edit mode. The ribbon bar changes
to reflect the tools used in edit mode of the page (you’ll learn much more about editing
the page in Chapter 5).
You might have noticed the dotted line break ing up the Site Actions menu into three groupings. T he
first group contains only the Edit Page option. Next is the group whose options create new things,
and finally is a group with more advanced settings, usually seen only by administrators, such as
Site Settings or Edit In SharePoint Designer. If the logged-in account does not have the right to
manage the site, the user will see only a subset of the items being described: Edit Page, New Page,
and View All Site Content. Someone with only read rights to the site (such as an auditor), will have
just View All Site Content available.
New Page The home page of a team site is now a wiki page stored in the Site Pages
library. This menu item starts the process of creating a new wiki page as if you’d clicked
the New button in the Site Pages library. It’s a quick way to create a new wiki page right
from the home page of the site.
As an administrator, you can create a new wiki page and make it the home page instead.
This is useful if users have gotten overly creative with the original home page and need
to have it replaced for a while. (Unfortunately, site members can also create a new wiki
page from here, as well as edit or delete the home page.)
New Document Library This menu item takes you immediately to the New Document
Library configuration page. It saves you a step compared to going to another page (such
as Create) to choose to create the document library and then creating it. Instead, you start
from here.
New Site Like the previous item, this menu item immediately takes you to a New Site
configuration page, allowing you to start creating a subsite beneath the top-level site
without delay.
More Options This menu item is the catchall for any other site object you’d like to
create, such as a list or different kind of library, that doesn’t have its own menu item under
Site Actions. It takes you to the Create page, where you can choose from all the options to
create things on the site.
View All Site Content This menu item takes you to the All Site Content page. Not all
site content needs to be listed on the Quick Launch bar. Otherwise known as the “I know
I put that list around here somewhere” page, All Site Content is the one place where
everything that is associated with the site is listed.
Edit In SharePoint Designer This is a new menu item, indicating the close
relationship that this version of SharePoint has with its free, desktop SharePoint editing product
SharePoint Designer (sometimes referred to as SPD). Only SharePoint Designer 2010
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