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In the first section, Edit, are two buttons, Edit and Check Out.
Edit Figure 4.6 shows the Edit button’s drop-down menu. Like several ribbon bar buttons,
this one changes state depending on what you are doing. If you are currently editing a page,
it turns into a Save drop-down button. If you are not yet editing the page, it’s an Edit
dropdown button. When you click this button while it says Edit, it will put the page in edit mode
exactly as the Edit Page button in the top ribbon bar does. So if you happen to be managing
the wiki area of the home page with the Page tab and want to edit it, then using the Edit
drop-down button would be convenient.
The Edit button’s
drop-down menu
The Edit drop-down button has several options available: Save, Save & Close, Save And Keep
Editing, Stop Editing, and Edit In SharePoint Designer.
Check Out As is standard in most libraries in SharePoint, the management of document
editing is available in the form of versioning and document checkout. Because the home page
is also a document in the Site Pages library, Check Out and Check In options are available.
Clicking the Check Out drop-down button on this page will place the document in its
corresponding library into a checked-out state, meaning that the user who checked it out is now
the only one who can edit it until they check it back in (or an administrator forces the
checkout to be disregarded). The drop-down button changes to Check In for the user who checked
it out. For users with administrative privilege to the site, list, or item, the button’s drop-down
options will also include Discard Check Out and Override Check Out (Figure 4.7).
The Check Out
drop-down menu
In the next section, Manage, there are five buttons, several of which are grayed out because
they’re not applicable. (In typical ribbon bar behavior, it doesn’t hide the buttons that can’t be
used; it just leaches the color out of them):
Edit Properties The Edit Properties drop-down button is disabled on this particular ribbon
but can be accessed from the item in the Site Pages library. Interestingly, this button is not
available on any of the tabs while you are editing the page using the Edit Page button. That is because
Edit Properties (like the Format Text and Insert ribbons) is all about actually editing the page’s
contents. The Page tab is about managing the page, including its properties, name, and so on.
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