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Rename Page This button opens a field in which to change the filename. It’s grayed out
now because we are using the page as our home page (the filename is literally Home), so it is
not a good idea to rename it.
Page History This button takes you to the page displaying the history of edits of the wiki
page, if version history is enabled for the library that contains it.
Page Permissions The Page Permissions button, located below Page History, takes you to
the Page Permissions page so you can change the file’s permissions. This option is grayed out
if your account doesn’t have the right to change permissions.
Delete Page This button, when available, pops up a box asking whether you are sure you
want to delete the page. If you confirm that you are sure, it moves the page to your Recycle
Bin (for later restoration when you realize deleting it was a mistake). Since the page is being
used as the home page, this button should be grayed out.
Share & Track
In the Share & Track section there are only two options, Email A Link and Alert Me. The Alert
Me button occurs only if you’ve configured outgoing email for the farm or at least the web
application containing the site.
Email A Link This button will trigger your local computer’s email client to send the page’s
address in an email.
Alert Me Because the rich content area of the team site home page is a wiki page that is
actually contained in the Site Pages library (there’s a link to it on the Quick Launch bar), you
can configure an alert to let you know if this page (or any other in the library if you want)
changes. Also, in this button’s drop-down menu (Figure 4.8), you can go to the page to
manage alerts overall for the logged-in user.
The Alert Me
dropdown menu
The user must have an email address listed in their user information to get the alerts. In addition,
new with this version of SharePoint is the option to get Short Message Service (SMS) messages for
the alerts—if it is configured on the server. Keep in mind that doing SMS requires that SharePoint
have a paid-for account from an SMS provider.
Page Actions
In the Page Actions section there are two buttons, Make Home Page and Incoming Link.
Make Homepage This button is not particularly useful for the home page of the site (since
it already is the home page), but if you were on a different wiki page in the Site Pages library
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