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The Format Text Ribbon
To see the first Editing Tools ribbon in action, click the Edit Page button on the home page. This
causes the page to go into edit mode and activates the toolset, opening the Format Text ribbon,
shown in Figure 4.9.
The Format
Text ribbon
As you can see, the ribbon contains seven sections: Edit, Clipboard, Font, Paragraph, Styles,
Layout, and Markup.
The Edit section of the Format Text ribbon is just like the corresponding section of the Page
ribbon. It contains two buttons:
Save & Close When you’re not in edit mode, this appears as the Edit button, but since
you’re already editing, it toggles to a save state. Its drop-down menu (Figure 4.10) allows you
to toggle between states.
The Save & Close
drop-down menu
Check Out This button is provided because the home page is actually a page in the Site
Pages library, and documents in a library can be checked out. This button has a drop-down
menu (Figure 4.11) containing the options Check Out, Check In, Discard Check Out, and, if
you are logged in as an administrator, Override Check Out. If the page is not checked out,
then Check Out is the only option available. If this were just a web part page, this button
wouldn’t be available.
The Check Out
drop-down menu
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