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In Depth Information
The Clipboard section of the ribbon contains the standard Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo
functions that use the Clipboard in Windows and should be familiar to anyone who has ever used a
text editor.
The Font section of the ribbon also contains the standard buttons and drop-down menus
available for text editing in Windows. Standard-issue Font and Font Size menus are available,
as are the usual Bold, Italic, Strikethough, Subscript, Superscript, Highlight, and Font Color
buttons. There is also a Clear Format button at the end of the section, in case your formatting gets
out of hand and you need a fresh start.
In the Paragraph section are the paragraph-related buttons: Bullet, Numbering, Outdent,
Indent, Paragraph Reading Order (left or right), and Paragraph Alignment buttons. These are all
standard for a text editor.
The next couple of sections are less standard and more interesting, starting with Styles.
Styles This drop-down menu (Figure 4.12) contains some styles to quickly format selected
text in the rich content area. The styles it lists help create a standard format for captions,
references, tag lines, bylines, comments, and even a normal style. This helps avoid manually
formatting those common styles and helps keep them consistent from wiki page to wiki page.
The Styles
drop-down menu
The Layout section also contains only one button, Text Layout.
Text Layout This drop-down button has nothing to do with text styles of any sort but
instead controls the background layout of the rich content area. By default, the area has
two columns in which text, pictures, tables, and web parts can be inserted. But you have
a number of other options to choose from in terms of column and header/footer layout
(Figure 4.13).
The last section, Markup, contains some interesting and convenient settings, with at least one
that is likely to generate some support calls from unwary users.
Markup Styles The Markup Styles drop-down button applies some standard markup styles
to selected text. This has a wide selection of different styles that are easily applied to great
effect (Figure 4.14). It also employs the live preview feature, where you select text and hover
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