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The neat thing about the styles in the drop-down menu (for both the Styles and Markup Styles
buttons) is that they apply a live preview to the selected text when you hover over them. This is
very convenient for seeing what the style will do before committing to it. So if you had your cursor
in a paragraph on the page and then hovered your mouse over, say, Callout 2 in the Markup Styles
drop-down, it would display what the style looks like before committing to it.
Languages The icon shown here, for an untitled list box called Languages, is used to simply
mark selected text as being in a different language. It does not change the text into a different
language (that would be too cool); it just marks it in the HTML code as being in a different
language than the default on the page.
Select Below Languages in the Markup section is a white arrow pointing up to the left
with an associated drop-down list. Select is actually a cool feature, allowing you to select an
entire text division (what it calls one of the columns or zones of the page), paragraph, or other
HTML element. (It seems to ignore web parts.) It indicates the selection with a red dotted line
around the area (Figure 4.15). The Select list options change depending on where the
insertion point is in the wiki page, obviously.
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