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The Select
dropdown menu,
hovering over the Text
Division option
HTML The HTML drop-down button is probably one that inexperienced users should not
mess with. Its options (Figure 4.16) allow you to edit the source HTML of the selected zone or
convert the underlying entire page to XHTML compliance (from which there is no return). If
you have code or web parts that rely on the page not being XHTML, that change may cause
some issues.
dropdown menu
The Insert Ribbon
Now that we’ve taken a glance at the Format Text ribbon, it’s time to check the Insert ribbon.
To activate the Insert ribbon, make sure the home page is edit mode, and then click the Insert
tab in the Editing Tools toolset on the top ribbon bar.
The Insert ribbon (Figure 4.17) has four sections and contains buttons related to inserting
tables, pictures, links, files, and web parts.
Insert assumes that wherever the insertion point, or cursor, is in the rich content zones on the
home page is where you are going to insert something. Keep that in mind when you use any of
the buttons, lest you put something where you didn’t intend.
The Insert ribbon
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