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In the Tables section is one drop-down button, Table.
Table This drop-down button displays the grid shown in Figure 4.18, allowing the user to
drag-select exactly how many cells the table they want to insert will have. Also, at the top
of the drop box is the Insert Table option, which pops up a box to enter the size, rows, and
columns that you want the table to have. It is a little odd that there are two listings of Insert
Table in the drop-down, one that brings up a box where you can type your parameters and
one that obviously is a header for the drag-select area, but that’s what we’ve got.
The Table
dropdown box
The Media section has only one button in it, Picture.
Picture The Picture drop-down button allows you to insert a picture from either the local
computer (or file share) or an existing URL address, as shown in Figure 4.19.
The Picture
dropdown menu
The From Computer option requires that you browse to a picture file available locally or from
a file share. This will actually upload the picture to a convenient Site Assets document library
and then use the link to it from there—all library items that can be opened in the browser get
their own URL.
The From Address option lets you specify the URL for a picture that already has one; it will
pull the image from the address. You can also specify alternate text that will be displayed if the
users are blocked from accessing that address for any reason, such as a firewall or permissions
issue. Be sure to test the URL by logging in with member and visitor accounts to be sure those
users can see the picture, too. (I have test accounts of each group just for that reason.)
The Links section has two buttons, Link and Upload File. The options in this section are
intended to insert either a link or a file at the insertion point somewhere in a rich content zone.
Link Clicking the Link button opens an Insert Hyperlink box where you can enter the text
that will appear as the link on the page, as well as the address the link will go to.
Upload File Clicking this button will open a box that will let you specify (or browse to)
a file to upload. The file itself will be put in the Site Assets document library, and then
SharePoint, using its address in the library, will display its contents on the page. Be sure to
test this thoroughly, because not all file types may appear as you expect.
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