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The last section for the Insert ribbon bar is Web Parts, which contains buttons for inserting
existing web parts, web part templates, and list view web parts. It also provides a button for
actually creating a list on the fly specifically to be displayed in a web part for the page.
Web Part This button causes a web part workspace to open below the ribbon bar (pushing
the rest of the page further down), as shown in Figure 4.20. Existing web parts are generally
organized into categories. The workspace has a column for these categories on the left and
then a column to display the web parts in a selected category to the right of that. On the far
right is a large About The Web Part area to display the text description of the web part you
selected in the web part column. At the bottom of the About The Web Part area is the Add
button to insert the web part into the zone where you have your insertion point. The
insertion point usually appears at the top of the left zone; then you can move the web part around
from there. You can’t select and add more than one web part in the workspace or drag and
drop them, unfortunately.
The Web Parts
Existing List The Existing List button opens the web part workspace again, filtered to show
just web parts related to lists or libraries; thus, it has only one column and the wide About The
Web Part description area. It is in the Web Parts column that you can see every web part that
is generated automatically when its underlying list is created; you might need to use the scroll
buttons if there are a lot of them. Remember, every single list and library gets its own web part,
so this is an easy way to add a web part to the home page for a quick glance at its contents and
get to it quickly, rather than going through the Quick Launch bar. The About The Web Part
section has an Add button that lets you put the web part in the zone you selected.
New List This button is an interesting addition to the Web Parts section. Instead of
choosing from web parts or lists already available, New List brings up a box where you can
choose from a selection of the different kinds of list or library templates available on the site
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