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A Quick Look at a List: Announcements
The Announcements list is a list like any other, and as such, its ribbon bars and tabs are pretty
much the same as in any other list. This comes in handy because, if you become familiar with
them here, you will recognize those elements in other lists, too.
When the Team Site template was applied to the top-level site, several lists and libraries were
generated from the site’s list of list and library templates. One of those is Announcements, a
list based on the Announcements template. However, you can’t access this list from the Quick
Launch bar, because it was meant to be displayed on the home page in an Announcements web
part. But with the wiki page turned on for the home page, the list doesn’t appear (though you
can add it if you want).
This means that the only way to get to the Announcements list from the home page is to use
the All Site Content page. You can get to this page in several ways: by using the Site Actions
menu and clicking View All Site Content, by clicking All Site Content in the Quick Launch bar,
or, since Announcements is a list, by clicking the List heading in the Quick Launch bar. The last
option takes you to the All Site Content page, filtered to display only lists, and it’s what we’ll do
here. Why scroll if we don’t have to?
Once on the All Site Content page, click Announcements in the Lists section. Assuming you
got there by clicking the Lists heading in Quick Launch, notice that the View menu on the right
of the content area is set to Lists (Figure 4.22).
The All Site
Content page,
filtered to Lists
On the Announcements page (Figure 4.23) there are some familiar landmarks: the Quick
Launch bar on the left, the Top Link bar with its search field and help icon, the Top Ribbon bar
with a List Tools toolset containing Items and List tabs, and the Title area.
To the right of the Quick Launch bar is the content area, along the top of which are the
column headings indicating fields that list items can contain. (The list may not be limited to those
fields, since the current list view could be customized not to show every field. You’ll learn more
about views in Chapter 6.) This list is already preconfigured with fields and even comes
propagated with a list entry for our use (entitled Get Started with Microsoft Foundation!). At the
bottom of the content area of the list is also a convenient Add New Announcement link.
In the title area, you can see that the title is essentially a breadcrumb, leading from the
home page to the Announcements page, as you can tell by the arrows between the page titles.
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