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this ribbon is active, meaning, without this section, users would not be able to change, modify,
or add a view while the ribbon is active.
Create View The Create View button opens a Create View page (as shown in Figure 4.28,
it’s not merely a dialog box), where you can choose to create a view based on some view
templates (or use SharePoint Designer if you have it installed), or you can base a new view on the
settings of an existing view listed below the templates. See Chapter 5 for more about views.
Modify View This button displays a drop-down list (Figure 4.29) with two options to
modify the current view. The simple Modify View option takes you to a page with the settings
of the current view so you can modify them. The second option, Modify View In SharePoint
Designer (Advanced), opens SharePoint Designer, which requires it to be installed locally.
The Modify View button is useful if you see something in the view you need to change.
The Create
View page
The Modify View
drop-down menu
Create Column You can use this button to add a field (or column if you’re thinking in
terms of Datasheet view) to the list. When clicked, it opens a box where you can enter the
settings to create a new column.
Navigate Up The Navigate Up button actually has nothing to do with views. Lists and
libraries can have folders enabled. If a list has folders and you are in a folder looking at items,
you can click the Navigate Up button to go up one level to the folder’s parent. Although it
looks like the Navigate Up button in the top ribbon bar, this button takes you up only one
level in the library; it does not drop down a path tree to navigate to the home page.
Current View The Current View menu initially displays the current view but, when
clicked, displays a drop-down list of all views available for this list; in my example, there’s
only one at this point.
The Current View menu provides the only access to the other views for the list from within
the ribbon bar (which you can deactivate by clicking the Browse tab in the top ribbon bar).
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