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Because Add and Modify are already buttons in the ribbon, those options aren’t available in
the Current View drop-down like they are in the title area breadcrumb drop-down.
Current Page Views can be set to display only a certain number of items per page. This is
good management of resources; if the list has many items, it’s easier for SharePoint to display
fewer items at a time than to send all the data about the whole list to your computer at once.
If that option is enabled, Current Page will let you scroll forward and backward, paging
through list items.
Share & Track
The next section is Share & Track, which includes buttons for emailing a link of the selected
item, setting up an Alert Me notification, and going to the RSS feed page for the list.
E-mail A Link This E-mail A Link button requires the local computer you are accessing the
site from to have an email client available. If it does, the button will open a window to send an
email. The link to the list will have been pasted into the body of the message, ready for sending.
Alert Me Like the Alert Me button for other ribbons, this displays a window (Figure 4.30)
where you can create an email alert for changes on the list or you can choose to manage
alerts for the user. Remember that the alert won’t work if SharePoint doesn’t know the user’s
email address. Alerts set at the list level, as opposed to the item level, have slightly different,
additional general options for alert triggers: All Changes, New Items Are Added, Existing
Items Are Changed, and Items Are Deleted, as well as the list item alert triggers.
RSS Feed The RSS Feed button takes you to the list’s RSS feed page so you can subscribe to
it (Figure 4.31).
Creating a new alert
for the
Announcements list
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