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SharePoint expects its pages to be viewed full-screen at a resolution of at least 1024 × 768. If you
don’t have the browser window maximized (and I often don’t in order to save space in the topic),
some ribbons might compress sections, causing them, and their buttons, to look a little different
from what I am describing.
So if you can’t see all the buttons in each section (or if a section is missing), try maximizing the
browser window. And for those sections compressed to one icon, click the down arrow beneath
them. The menu will display all the buttons in that section (bigger than the ones on the original
ribbon in some cases).
Connect and Export
The next section is Connect And Export. It contains six small buttons, only three of which
actually have labels and most of which relate to integrating SharePoint with a corresponding Microsoft
product. If you don’t have the appropriate software installed locally, the buttons will be grayed out.
Sync To A SharePoint Workspace SharePoint Foundation 2010 strongly supports clients
using SharePoint Workspace (formerly known as Groove, in case you’ve worked with the
product). The Workspace software is installed on the clients locally and lets users have
SharePoint sites (meaning their lists and libraries) stored locally so they can work while
ofline and then use the button shown in Figure 4.32 to synchronize with SharePoint when
they go back online. The Workspace client interface allows users to drag and drop files on the
local computer into a library or list, before synchronizing with the site. Microsoft considers
Workspace to be a SharePoint client in the same way that Outlook is an Exchange client.
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