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If you do add web parts to a list or library page, it changes the page from a list view page, with a
dropdown View menu in the title breadcrumb and default toolset in the top ribbon bar, to a generic web
part page. You can still get to a different view using the Current View menu, but the title breadcrumb
view menu won’t be available until the added web parts are removed from the page.
But now the form boxes that users use to create, view, or edit a list or library item can be
modified as well, meaning that web parts can be added to those pages if needed for some
reason. Generally, only those with administrative privileges can make these changes.
When you click the Modify Form Web Parts button, you can choose which type of forms
used by the list you want to edit. In the case of Announcements (which is a simple list), you
can modify the New, Edit, or Display forms.
If you select one of the Modify Form Web Parts button options (such as Default New Form), it will
take you to a different page, in which the form page is in edit mode and you can add web parts to
the top area of the form. Notice that it has a Web Part Tools Options tab in the top ribbon bar,
which opens a ribbon that lets you work with any web parts you might add.
Notice that the form page has even more ribbon bar tabs relating to managing the page, inserting
things into it, and working with the web parts themselves.
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