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The List
Settings page
List Permissions The List Permissions button takes you to the Permissions page for the list.
Most objects on the site inherit the site’s permissions, but you can break inheritance and set
specific permissions on just about any object. For more information about permissions and
inheritance, see Chapter 12, “Users and Permissions.”
You may have noticed that not only does the site have a Permissions page, the home page has
permissions, as do lists and list items. (And as you might expect, document items and libraries will have
them, too.) The reason the Permissions option keeps showing up is because practically everything
on the site (except maybe web parts) can be individually secured if necessary.
Workflow Settings This little button produces a big drop-down menu (Figure 4.36), with
options to open the Workflow Settings page, add a workflow (there is a Three-State workflow
available for the site), or create a unique workflow just for the list or a reusable one to apply
anywhere on the site (both requiring SharePoint Designer to create, of course).
The Workflow
dropdown menu
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