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So, that’s it for the Announcements list. We’ve explored the title area and seen that the list’s
view is appended to the end of the title bar breadcrumb. We’ve learned that, even before
opening a ribbon, we can see the list’s view (and modify it or create a new one from the title
dropdown) and add a new item to a list. We’ve covered the two ribbons generally available to all lists,
Items and List, combined under List Tools in the top ribbon bar.
Now it’s time to see the similarities and differences between lists and libraries, by taking a
quick look at the Shared Documents library.
A Quick Look at a Library: Shared Documents
As I mentioned earlier in the chapter, a library is just a list whose sole purpose is to manage
files. The Team Site template creates a nice sample document library called Shared Documents
for you to get to know.
Because a library is just another kind of list, a number of the buttons on the ribbon bars for a
library are the same as they are for lists, but there are some significant sections, particularly for
documents, that are different and deserve to be explored.
1. First, just to take a look at a library, let’s go to Shared Documents on the Quick Launch bar.
2. After you’ve clicked Shared Documents, it will open to a standard document library page.
A document library page has the usual top ribbon bar at the top, the title area and top link
bar below that, and the Quick Launch bar on the left. In the center (to the right of the Quick
Launch bar) is the area where the library items will be listed, complete with column headers
along the top of that area and an Add Document link at the bottom. In this view, the title
breadcrumb is appended to the view of the page (it’s the default view All Documents; if you look at
the address bar, the page name is AllItems.aspx as expected). It looks pretty much like the
Announcements list page we saw previously.
But if you look closer at the top ribbon bar, its toolset has changed. It was List Tools for the
Announcements list, with tabs for Items and List. For a document library, it’s Library Tools, and
the tabs are Documents and Library (Figure 4.37).
The Shared
document library’s
content page
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