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The default New Document template for a document library is usually Microsoft Word. If you don’t
have Word installed locally, you will be unable to create a new document. You can still upload
documents, though.
Upload Document If you cannot create a new document, you can still upload an existing
document to the library. Using the Upload Document drop-down menu (Figure 4.40), you
can upload one document at a time, or, if you have an Office product installed locally,
multiple documents at once (if you don’t have an Office product installed locally that option is
grayed out, as it is in my case). If you click the button, its default is to upload just one
document, which you can browse for. It will store the file in the library.
The Upload
dropdown menu
Just so we can see what some of the buttons do (this is the Documents ribbon, so it really doesn’t
work without something selected), I am going to upload a sample file. However, you’ll find a much
more thorough library demonstration in Chapter 8, “Introduction to Libraries.”
You may be wondering why the option to upload multiple documents isn’t available. When an
Office product of any kind is installed, it installs a bunch of Office components (many of which
have nothing directly to do with the product you installed). One of them is essentially an upload
manager, making it possible for you to upload more than one document at a time. No Office products
installed? You can still upload documents one at a time (or drag and drop them using Open with
Explorer window, which is mentioned later in the chapter and also covered in Chapter 8.)
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