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The Manage section contains the View Properties, Edit Properties, Version History, Document
Permissions, and Delete Document buttons. Most of these buttons are the same as those in the
Items ribbon bar’s Manage section, but some do have a subtly different use.
View Properties In a library, the fields for a list item to which a document (or other kind
of file) is attached are considered property fields for the document. Because a library is a list,
you can customize the fields so as to capture better metadata about the document. To see the
fields for the document, you click View Properties. This button allows you to view the item.
Edit Properties This button, like View Properties, has to do with the fields associated with
a document item. It lets you go in and change or add data to the fields for a document item by
bringing up a form box containing the fields to edit.
Keep in mind that you can add fields such as topic tags, author name, editors, and so on, to library
items to make the properties more useful, especially for searching and views (which can be looked
at like reports). Chapter 8 covers this topic in more detail.
Version History This button opens a box displaying the version history of a document—if
versioning is enabled for the library.
Document Permissions This button takes you to the selected document item’s permissions
Delete Document This button, like its equivalent in the Items ribbon for a list, deletes the
selected document (after prompting to be sure) and puts it in the user’s Recycle Bin.
Share & Track
The two buttons in the Share & Track section, E-mail A Link and Alert Me, are both pretty
selfexplanatory and were described in detail earlier in the chapter.
The Copies section (along with parts of the Workflows section) is unique to libraries.
It has four buttons: Download A Copy, Send To, Manage Copies, and Go To Source. This
section is focused on a feature specific to libraries—sending documents to other libraries as part of
the document management process.
Download A Copy If you have an Upload button, why not have a Download button too?
If you don’t want to edit a file from the library and then save it locally, you can just click this
button and be prompted to simply download a copy. There will be no synchronizing going
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