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on between the copy in the library and the downloaded one. It’s just an independent copy,
downloaded to a location you specify.
Send To This button sends the selected document somewhere else. As shown in Figure 4.41,
its options include a different library or document workspace. If you have a particular send-to
destination specified in the library settings, it will list the library name as an option as well.
The Send To
dropdown menu
Often the editorial process of a document requires that it start in one library, with one group of
people working on it, and then move to a different library for a different team to work on it (or
possibly to be archived after the project is done).
To support this, you can send (essentially copy) a document to another location, meaning a different
library. You can also configure a library’s settings to specify a default library location (one default
sendto location per library). The copy of the document is linked to the original, and it can be synchronized
with that version if that original, or source document, is updated. Keep in mind synchronization is one
way, from the source to the copy. Changes to the copy cannot be used to update the original.
A standard SharePoint feature for managing documents is to allow a document to calve off its own
subsite, solely focused on working on that document, so the other option in the Send To drop-down
is Create Document Workspace. Although this option is really about creating the workspace subsite
for the document, the document stored in that workspace is actually still linked to the
originating document and can be synchronized from that original, so creating the workspace is like an
elaborate Send To.
Manage Copies The Manage Copies button is used to open a box listing the selected source
document’s copies. If a copy of a document is sent to another library, there will be two
copies of the same document. When you do a Send To, the documents are linked in one way—
from the source to the sent copy. This means that changes made to the first document can be
forced onto the sent one from here, keeping them synchronized.
Go To Source The Go To Source button is used on a document in a library that is the
destination of the Send To, to go to the library of the original source document. Sometimes it’s
hard to remember where an original document is stored. In that case, you can select the
document that is a copy and then click Go To Source. It will immediately take you to the library
containing the original document.
The final section, Workflows, contains one button about workflows and four buttons about
version control and content approval (Publish, UnPublish, Approve/Reject, and Cancel Approval).
Why the section is called Workflows since only one button in five relate to it, I do not know. All
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