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Customize Library The Customize Library section contains the same buttons as its
equivalent on the List ribbon bar, which will be grayed out for most nonadmin users: Form Web
Parts drop-down, Edit Library In SharePoint Designer, and New Quick Step.
Settings The last section on the Library ribbon, Settings, contains three buttons: Library
Settings, Library Permissions, and Workflow Settings.
So, that’s it for the library ribbon bars. You’ve now learned about the different content pages
and seen that they have a lot of similarities, such as the ability to select items (even multiple
items at once) in a list. You’ve seen that items can have a drop-down menu containing actions
specific to the item, that the content pages (for either a list or a library) can be different views of
the same data, that common page elements (such as the top link bar, Quick Launch bar, and top
ribbon bars) remain, and that the lists have reliable, similar ribbon bars.
You’ve also learned that practically every object that can be edited, managed, or added has its
own ribbon bar (or two) to contain the actions that can be applied to them. Because you’ve seen
so many in this chapter, when you come across a new one later in the topic, you should be able
to recognize its layout and quickly understand its buttons.
Now that we’ve explored the home page and the two main kinds of content pages, let’s briefly
look at administrative pages.
A Quick Look at Administrative Pages
Administrative pages in SharePoint are all over the place in terms of their page formatting.
For example, the Create page is a kind of administrative page that is really nothing but a
page of links, with no need for a toolbar of any kind (Figure 4.44). This page actually is quite
dynamic; if you move your mouse over an object title, a description will appear in the top half
of the page (note the advertisement for Silverlight, which I am not installing since I am currently
browsing on the server). Also note that this page has no Quick Launch bar or search field.
The Create page
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