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That icon is a toggle button to display, or not display, the developer dashboard . The developer
dashboard is a little extra capability added to this version of SharePoint that appends a section to the
bottom of site pages that allows you to see troubleshooting information about the page,
including load times for each part of the page, request response times, database query times, exception
information, and more.
Keep in mind that it can add a lot of content to the bottom of the page. For that reason, you can
choose to leave the dashboard turned off (the default), turn it on (which will take up a lot of space
on every page), or set it to on-demand (letting you turn it on or off for each page at will, generating
that button). That last option is my preferred setting.
You have to set this capability at the command line, using STSADM, PowerShell, or code of some
sort. These tools are discussed in Chapter 14, “STSADM and PowerShell,” but briefly, I find it much
easier to use the single-line STSADM command than several lines of PowerShell script to manage
the developer dashboard.
Remember that STSADM was meant to be run locally on a SharePoint server (or at least one of them
in the farm), you must be logged in to a SharePoint server as a local administrator to use STSADM
(it helps to be a farm administrator as well) and STSADM.exe is located in the SharePoint root BIN
folder (%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\
BIN), so you need to have a command prompt accessing that location to run STSADM. For more
about STSADM and PowerShell, see Chapter 14. If you wanted to, you could open the PowerShell
console instead, because it can do STSADM commands just like the command prompt, but without
having to navigate to the BIN folder, if you have the correct permissions configured.
Keep in mind that the developer dashboard is a farm-wide function; once enabled, it is enabled for
all pages of all sites in all web applications.
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