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Use the Top Ribbon bar. The interfaces containing the settings and actions to apply to
objects in this version of SharePoint are ribbon bars. These ribbons contain buttons and
drop-down lists to apply changes, access settings, or to configure whatever is selected in the
Master It Is there a limit to how many ribbon bars there can be for a selected item or page?
Master It There is a button that appears on both the top ribbon bar and in the
Documents ribbon for a library. Is seems to be the same button, does it do the same thing
when used from the top ribbon bar as it does from the Documents ribbon?
Understand a content page. All lists and libraries contain content. To display that content
in a consistent and easy to use manner, SharePoint uses content pages. This simply refers to
list or library pages that contain content. Otherwise known as view pages, they can be
configured to display the list or library data in different ways, depending on your needs.
Master It Every page on the site has at least one feature that is consistent throughout
the site. What is that new consistent feature? What unique attribute does it have that
allows it to remain always in view?
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