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To edit the home page, you need to go into edit mode. Edit mode is a little different on a
wiki page than it is on a regular web part page, so I will explore both types, starting with
the wiki page (since that’s what the site is using as the default at the moment).
Using Edit Mode on a Wiki Page
To put the home page into edit mode on a Team Site, you can either click the Edit page button on
the top ribbon bar or click the Page tab and then click the Edit button on the ribbon. Clicking the
Edit page button is easiest, so that’s what I am going to do.
That will put the page into edit mode (Figure 5.5). You’ll notice that the Edit page button has
now turned into a Save & Close button, which matches the state of the Edit button (now a Save
& Close button) on the ribbon bar. The top ribbon bar will now have an Editing Tools toolset,
with two tabs: Format Text and Insert.
The Home page in
edit mode
I am not stopping to describe the ribbon bars, their sections, or their buttons as I move through
this chapter because in Chapter 4, “Introduction to the SharePoint Interface,” I covered many of
the ribbons in detail. That chapter was intended to get you comfortable with most of the different
types of ribbons you might run into while working in SharePoint.
So if you skipped to this chapter to get an idea of web parts and find the ribbons a little confusing,
you might want to check out Chapter 4 to get a handle on the new interface tools.
The rich content area of the page now has two zones with blue borders around them. There
should also be a blinking cursor at the top of the left zone, waiting for you to start typing and
letting you know where it thinks the current insertion point is.
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