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Assuming you know how to work with the rich text–type stuff on the page (the picture, the
text, and so on), I am going to show you simply how to work around those objects to insert,
delete, and modify web parts.
By default, the rich content area of a wiki page has only two columns, but if you use the Text Layout
button in the Format Text ribbon, you can actually change the underlying layout of the rich content
area, allowing for header and footer areas and more than two columns if you’d like. Two columns
work for me at this point, but you can get far more creative if you feel the need.
Inserting a Web Part
So, we have the Shared Documents web part in the column on the left, below the sample welcome
text (you may want to delete or edit that at some point, but I am going to work around it for now).
Often home pages have web parts on them that helpfully display the tasks or documents a
user is working on at the moment. Their contents are filtered by the logged-in user’s account, so
the web parts display only the items related to that user. It helps make the home page more user
specific and user friendly.
I’d like to add a user-related web part to the home page. And while we’re at it, we’ll see
about moving, deleting, and modifying a web part, as well as explore a few other interesting
types of web parts.
Keep in mind that I am not going to use every single available web part, but I am going
to cover enough that you will be able to master them on your own, depending on what you
need to do with them.
One of the consistent things in a SharePoint site is that if a page can go into edit mode,
chances are good that web parts can be inserted or added to them. And that insertion interface
is pretty consistent, no matter where you are as well.
So, we’ll start with inserting a web part on the home page. And to do that, we’ll need to take
a look at the Insert ribbon, so click the Insert tab on the top ribbon bar.
To be able to insert a web part on the home page, the page needs to be in edit mode, you need
to put your insertion point in the column where you want to eventually insert the web part, and
the Insert ribbon needs to be displayed.
The Insert ribbon has buttons organized in sections (formally considered groups by Microsoft,
but since SharePoint already uses groups elsewhere, I’m going to call them sections ). The Insert
ribbon has only a few sections: Tables, Media, Links, Web Parts.
I intend to add a web part to the left column of the rich content area (and then move it later).
When you first go into edit mode, the insertion point does end up at the top of the left column by
default. If you were to insert a web part, it would land right where that cursor is blinking. I want to
insert the web part right above the Shared Documents web part, so I am going to put my insertion
point there. Feel free to put your web part wherever you want; just be sure to click there first, or else
you’ll have to drag the web part around by its title bar until it’s positioned correctly.
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