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In the case of Relevant Documents, there is also a Data section. This section is used to
manage what data is displayed in the web part, such as limiting how many items can be displayed at
once or what kind of data will be included.
The Relevant
Documents web part
tool pane
As you can see in the tool pane, Appearance is the first section and is automatically expanded
when the tool pane opens. It contains the following options:
Title This is the field for the title of the web part (currently Relevant Documents).
Height and Width Settings You can manually set the fixed height or width of a web part
(in various units of measure, from inches to picas). Or you can choose to have the web
part automatically it the zone (or column) to better accommodate all resolutions.
Chrome State This is the chrome state of the web part, whether it displays as normal (all
content showing) or minimized (where the web part has collapsed or rolled up into the title
bar like a window shade)
Chrome Type This refers to whether the web part will have borders, a title, both, or neither
(essentially considered its chrome ).
3. In this case, I am going to leave the defaults as they are; the title will be Relevant Documents,
the height and width of the web part will automatically adjust to it the zone or column the
web part is in, the web part will not appear minimized by default, and it will have borders
and a title bar.
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