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Below the Appearance section (you might need to scroll down) is the Layout section. To see
the settings under Layout, click the plus sign in that section’s heading. It will drop down and
display settings related to where the web part goes on the page and whether it displays (Figure 5.11).
The Layout
section of the web
part tool pane
In the Layout section are the following settings:
Hidden This setting is used to hide the web part from view but still have it on the page.
This is useful if the web part does something programmatically to the page or other web
parts but doesn’t display anything useful to the users. This setting is grayed out and cannot
be enabled because no web parts can be hidden on a wiki page.
Direction This setting allows you to specify the alignment of the text in the web part. If
you choose None, the default layout (generally based on the regional settings and language
pack for the site) for the web part will be used.
Zone This setting, like Hidden, is grayed out in this example. On a normal web part page,
this field not only would indicate what zone (essentially the column) the web part is in but
would let you specifically change it from here. However, in a wiki page, web parts can be
dragged around only among the rich content to be moved.
Zone Index This setting is also currently grayed out. It lets you specify the order of the
current web part, among the other web parts in the zone. So if you had two web parts, the first
would probably be in zone index 1, the second in 2, and so forth. If you put a web part above
the web part indexed as 1, it would likely be zero (0). Both the Zone and Zone Index settings
are useful for moving a web part to a different location on the web part page without having
to drag it around.
4. Again, I am going to leave the defaults in place, because the current look of the web part
is fine for me, and otherwise most of the settings are grayed out.
Beneath the Layout section is the Advanced section. This section has a larger array of settings
than the other sections, from settings that allow user actions on the web part to what error
message is displayed if the web part cannot be imported.
At the top of the Advanced section are settings with check boxes so you can allow (checked)
or deny (unchecked) their use.
Allow Minimize When this setting is enabled, the user can click the down arrow in the
web part title bar and collapse the web part so only the title bar is showing. This can be
useful for the user who needs to be able to see other web parts with this one out of the way. If
this setting is disabled, the Minimize option will not be available.
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