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Allow Close This setting is currently grayed out because web parts on a wiki page cannot
be closed. On a web part page, however, a web part can be closed, which removes it from the
page but places it in a Closed web part category in the web part workspace to be returned to
the page later if necessary.
Allow Hide This setting would allow the user to hide a web part on a page if they didn’t
want to see it. Disabling this allows you to prevent the user from hiding a web part (a good
thing if it is important). However, web parts can’t be hidden on a wiki page anyway, so this is
currently grayed out.
Allow Zone Change As we’d discovered with the Layout settings, wiki pages don’t allow
web parts to specify their zone or zone index, so this setting is grayed out too. But, on a web
part page, this setting, if enabled, would allow the user to change the web part’s location on
the page if the user were allowed to put the page in edit mode.
Allow Connections This setting is available on a wiki page as well as web part pages. With
this setting, you can allow users to connect this web part to another that has at least one
common field. If it is disabled, the Connections option on the drop-down menu will not display
for the users.
Allow Editing In Personal View This setting allows this web part to be edited by the user
when they are personalizing the page (opening the tool pane and changing settings as we are
now). If it is disabled, the option to edit the web part’s settings (and therefore open the tool pane)
is disabled. Sadly, the wiki page doesn’t have a Personal view, but this option is still available for
configuration (Figure 5.12; note that not all of the following settings for this section are shown).
The Advanced
section of web
part tool pane
Export Mode With this setting, if you were to export this web part (not all can be exported),
you can specify whether all data it contains will be exported or only nonsensitive data.
Title URL This setting allows you to make the title of the web part a link to somewhere else
by specifying a URL. It is a good idea to make sure that all users able to see the web part also
have the permissions necessary to go to the URL specified.
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