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Description The contents of this field display with the name of the web part in the tooltip
that pops up when you move your cursor over the web part’s title.
Help URL This setting lets you offer a separate page or location to provide the user with
help for the web part. Usually this is blank.
Help Mode This setting specifies how the help URL would be opened:
Modeless Opens a separate window but lets you work around it
Modal Opens a separate window but doesn’t let you go back to work on the web part
without closing the window
Navigate Navigates away from the page the web part is on to the help URL
Catalog Icon Image URL This field lets you specify the URL to a tiny, 16 × 16-pixel icon for
the web part to display in the catalog of web parts in the web part workspace.
Title Icon Image This field lets you specify a little image, preferably 16 × 16 pixels, to put in
the title bar of the web part.
Import Error Message This field, which you can edit, contains the text that appears if
you fail to import the web part. Many web parts can be exported from a page to import
5. For this example, I will leave the settings in the Advanced section as they are, but it’s nice
to know they’re there.
Finally, the last section for this web part is Data. This section is not available to all web parts, but
it is for Relevant Documents. It also varies greatly, depending on the web part. Because of that, I
am not including it in the list of standard web part settings.
Be aware that there can be other web part settings that crop up depending on what the web
part does, such as Ajax Options or, my favorite, Miscellaneous. But you can generally depend
on the previous three sections to be consistent (although some settings may be grayed out),
throughout most web parts.
The Data section in the tool pane for the Relevant Documents web part has five settings,
three for why documents would be displayed (Include Documents Last Modified By Me, Include
Documents Created By Me, and Include Documents Checked Out To Me; they are check boxes, so
you can select more than one), one for whether the Location column would display a link back to
the originating library, and one for the maximum number of items allowed to be displayed.
Be careful about the maximum number of items shown. If the maximum is 15 and the user has 20
documents that qualify for the web part, well, only 15 will show, and there will be no indication
that any are missing.
So, be sure to estimate high on the maximum number of items displayed if you are worried about
users calling you when they forgot about a document because it wasn’t in their web part. The
highest number allowed for the maximum items settings is 10,000. I know that would be ridiculous for
a home page, but if a user is working on 10,000 documents at one time, they have bigger issues.
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