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Now that we have a Relevant Documents web part that shows the user all of the documents
relevant to them (in terms of what they are currently working on) across all libraries on the site,
we don’t really need the Shared Documents web part anymore. It displays the web parts for only
one library.
So, let’s delete it from the page. It’s easy, and we can always add it back from the Lists And
Libraries category later if we change our minds (although this incarnation of the web part, had
we changed any settings to customize it, would be truly deleted).
Deleting a Web Part
1. To delete a web part from a wiki page, make sure you are in edit mode (and have the
right to delete web parts), and then click Delete in the down arrow menu on its title bar
(Figure 5.15). Remember that the down arrow doesn’t show up until you move your
cursor over the web part to activate it.
The drop-down
menu for Shared
Documents web
part, Delete option
Once you click Delete, you’ll be warned that this will permanently delete the web
part, which means it won’t be in the Recycle Bin for the site or in a closed web part
category—this copy of the Shared Documents List View web part will be gone. This
doesn’t delete the Shared Documents library as a whole or delete it from the Lists And
Libraries category in the web part workspace, should you want to drop another copy on
the page again, but the one you had there with its configurations will be gone. This is
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