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2. The title for this web part, at this point, is just Content Editor, which is not too unique. A
good rule of thumb is that each web part must have a unique title. So, to rename the web
part to something more relevant, click the Appearance section header to expand it.
3. In the Title field, replace Content Editor with something more appropriate for a
vacation request announcement (I’m going to use Vacation Request for mine, as shown in
Figure 5.19).
Changing the web
part Title and
Chrome Type in
the Appearance
section of tool pane
In this case, this Content Editor web part is going to be focused on displaying its contents
and doesn’t really need to display a title bar. Further, you can have the web part simply
look like it’s part of the rich content of the zone, by removing its borders too.
4. To set the web part to not display a title bar or borders, you click the Chrome Type
dropdown menu and select None .
When the web part is out of edit mode, the boundaries that make it look like a web part
will disappear. This will leave it without a title bar (and its drop-down menu). But since
we don’t want users editing the web part, a little inconvenience is a good thing.
5. Once those settings have been changed, expand the Advanced section. In that section,
disable the Allow Minimize and Allow Editing In Personal View settings by removing
their check marks (if they have them, Figure 5.20).
6. Once those settings are complete, click OK to close out of the tool pane.
Back on the home page, which is still in edit mode, you’ll see that the title for the web part (now
selected because we’ve been working on it) displays the new title. As you can see in Figure 5.21,
mine is Vacation Request. Notice that there is a title bar even though we set the chrome type to
show none. In edit mode, all web parts must have a title bar. It’s out of edit mode that the chrome
type setting applies.
Now that we’ve configured the web part, let’s create the Vacation Requests content. This is
going to be done like a flyer, with some text and a nice vacation picture to encourage users to
send in their vacation requests for the summer before all the best days are taken.
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