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6. To upload a picture, in the Picture button’s drop-down menu, select From Computer .
It will open a dialog box letting you browse to the file you want to use. You can also
choose to store the file in any library on the site by selecting it in the Upload To field
(Figure 5.24). Site Assets is selected by default and works for me. Browse to the image
file you want to use in your web part (I am using Azul.jpg).
7. Once you’ve selected your image file, make sure the library to upload to is correct, and
click OK.
The dialog box for
inserting a picture
with the From
Computer option
8. This will bring you to a form box triggered by the library, confirming the filename and
asking for a title for the image (Figure 5.25). I don’t need a title for the file and the
filename is fine, so I am just going to keep the defaults and click Save .
Saving the file to
the Site Assets
That should put you back on the web part with the picture inserted. In my case, the
picture is huge (because it was meant to be a desktop background), so I have to resize it by
grabbing the handle squares at the corners of the picture and dragging it inward until it’s
as small as I want it. Feel free to resize your picture. When it’s sized appropriately, you
might want to format the text around the picture as well.
When you’re done formatting text and resizing the image, you should have something
that catches the eye, is easy to read, and encourages the users to follow through with
the reminder.
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