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To export a web part that doesn’t have a title bar, you have to go into edit mode on the page
first. That will cause the title of the web part to be displayed, at which time you can minimize,
export, or edit the web part as you want.
Some web parts can have personal data in them for users on the site. In that case, you might want to
change the Export mode. Vacation Requests doesn’t, so I want all data to be exported. But to check
the Export mode of the web part, click Edit Web Part in the title bar’s drop-down menu.
In the tool pane, expand the Advanced section, and scroll down to the Export Mode field. It will
say either Export All Data or Non-Sensitive Data Only. In my case, I want to make sure it exports
all data, so I’ll be sure to specify that (if it isn’t already selected).
Since this Export mode option is here, you might as well use it if there are web parts you are
exporting with sensitive data.
To get out of the tool pane, click OK (or Cancel if you made no changes).
1. To export the Vacation Requests web part, click the Edit page button in the top ribbon bar
of the home page.
2. When the home page is in edit mode, go to the title bar of the web part you want to
export, and click the down arrow .
3. In the drop-down menu, click Export .
Once you’ve selected Export, you might be prompted to save the page before focus leaves
it (because a dialog box will come up to set up the export). Although we haven’t made
any changes yet, feel free to click OK to continue (you may have to do this twice).
4. A file download dialog box will open. Click Save to save the exported file to a location
that you can access easily again to import the file later (Figure 5.29).
Saving the
exported web part
After you’ve saved the file, you might be prompted to open the file or file location as if you
were going to run it right now. That’s not really necessary at this point.
That’s it. You’ve explored web parts on a wiki home page. You added, deleted, moved,
exported, and edited the settings of web parts.
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