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Since we’ve made the Content Editor web part, you can see how easy it is to edit, add, or remove
from a page, and you know you can easily move it around. Also, by just changing the chrome type,
the content can look as if it were on a wiki page. It also can give a wiki look to an average web part
page. Overall, despite it seeming redundant on a wiki page, the Content Editor web part does still
have its uses.
That should give a good start, not only on how to work with a wiki page but on how to work
with web parts in general.
As a matter of fact, I mentioned at the beginning of the chapter that the home page of other
site templates, as well as list and library content pages, are web part pages, not wiki pages.
We’ve worked on a wiki page so far, but that kind of page is outnumbered by web part pages, so
let’s turn our attentions toward working with web parts on a web part page for a moment so you
can see the similarities and differences firsthand.
Using the Home Page as a Web Part Page
The home page has the option to roll back and be a standard web part home page. Currently,
there is a site feature enabled by default that makes the home page a wiki page. This feature is
called Wiki Page Home Page (creatively enough). All you have to do is deactivate that feature,
and the home page will display the web part page that was hidden all along.
Because the wiki home page of a site using the Team Site template is actually a file named Home
in the Site Pages library, users who don’t have the permissions necessary to deactivate features on
the site can accidentally disable the “wikiness” of the home page by deleting the home page in the
Site Pages library. If they do that, all they need to do is restore it from their Recycle Bin to return
it to its rightful place.
If losing the wiki home page due to user error is a concern for you, I suggest checking out Chapter
12, “Users and Permissions,” to learn how to lock down the Home file in the Site Pages library so
users cannot edit its contents or delete it.
To do that, you first need to finish working on the home page as it is (we’ll reactivate it
after we’re done). So to keep your changes, click Save & Close in the Format Text ribbon (if
you’re still in edit mode), or you can simply click Stop Editing the page if you don’t want to
save your changes.
Then, once the page is out of edit mode, we need to go to the Site Features page of the site and
deactivate the wiki page feature.
Keep in mind that the web part home page and the wiki home page are truly separate pages,
so what you do on one does not happen on the other. This means if there is a web part on the
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