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Once the information on this page is correct (I am going to change the description because it defaults
to the one for Content Editor web parts), click Save.
That will add the web part to the gallery.
And now, any site in the site collection can add the web part to any page that can be edited via the
web part workspace (remember that list and library content pages are also web part pages). The web
part workspace creates a miscellaneous category for web parts added to the site via the gallery.
For this example, I am using the Vacation Request web part. But generally, if you are going to
create a web part to be imported to other site collections, the resources that web part uses should be
located, not in a single site’s library but on a network share, accessible by all users. So in the case of
Vacation Request, if you are going to be importing it to other site collections or servers, you should
use the Picture button’s From Address option and specify the network location of the file instead
of uploading it to a site library.
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