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2. Select that category, select the web part you closed, and click Add at the bottom right of
the workspace.
This will return the web part to the page again (Figure 5.41). However, it will be put at the
top of the zone, so you may have to move it back to where it was originally located (I’m leaving
the web part where it is for the moment).
The returned
web part on the
home page
If you add a bad web part to a page, it may cause the page to be unable to render. One minute you are
setting up a nice, informative, useful page and you add a nifty web part you got from somewhere,
and the next minute, you can’t get the page to respond because you added a web par t that, for some
reason, caused the whole page to fail.
What do you do?
When a page fails because of a bad web part, you’ll probably know as soon as the web part hits
the page. And if the page is in a librar y (like a w ik i home page would be), an error page w ill open
with a link to do maintenance on that page—basically so you can close or delete a bad web part
or reset the page.
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