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Identify web parts. Web parts are small, independent applications intended to quickly and
conveniently display the contents of lists, libraries, folders, or pages.
Master It What are List View web parts?
Use edit mode. To work on web parts in SharePoint, the page containing the web parts
should be in edit mode. Edit mode is a page state in which web parts can be moved, removed,
added, imported, and edited. No data entry occurs in edit mode.
Master It How do you enter edit mode to edit a shared version of a page? How do you
know for certain that you are editing the shared version?
Master It How do you edit a wiki page home page?
Distinguish between personal and shared versions. SharePoint offers the luxury of
allowing users to have their own personal version of any web part page in which they can
rearrange, remove, or add web parts to their pages for their convenience.
Master It How can a user tell whether they are viewing the personal or shared version
of a page?
Work with web parts. Adding, moving, removing, and customizing web parts while in the
browser are all possible with SharePoint. There are built-in List View web parts to quickly
populate the home page with web parts relevant to users. There are also built-in web part
templates to easily customize web parts with no coding necessary.
Master It How do you change the title of a web part?
Export and import web parts. Web parts aren’t just static little applications. You can
customize them, export them to a web part definition file, and import them to a different page or
site collection.
Master It How do you export a web part?
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