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Announcements list
On the content page of the Announcements list, you can see the sample Get Started with
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation! list item. This is automatically generated when the Team Site
template is applied. Notice that, in the content area of the page, the field headings are Title and
Modified (with a selection box and a column to indicate whether there is a file attached to a list
item). Above the content area is the title area, within which is a title breadcrumb indicating a
path back to the site’s home page from this list. Appended to the end of the breadcrumb is the
current view, which is usually a little lighter in color than the rest of the breadcrumb and which
has a down arrow next to it. (The default view for this list is All Items. This means all record
items available for the list, not necessarily all the fields available for each item.) Below the title
area is the top link bar, with a tab to get to the Home page if you’d like, and the search field and
help icon on the right. Above the title area is the top ribbon bar, containing Site Actions on the
left, with the Navigate Up button to its right, as well as a Browse tab (to activate the title area
should a ribbon bar be covering it) and the List Tools toolset (the Items and List ribbon tabs). To
the far right in the top ribbon bar is the Account menu, indicating the account you are currently
logged in with (always useful). On the left below Site Actions, of course, is the ever-present
Quick Launch bar.
In the content area itself below the list items, as a convenience, is also an Add New
Announcement link, which will allow you to add a new list item really quickly, without having
to activate the Items ribbon bar.
If there are any list items, they’ll be displayed beneath the headings in the content area. To
sort any list items you might have, you can click a column heading. To open a list item and view
its contents, simply click its title, or whatever field in the item appears to be a link. You might
also notice that when you move your mouse pointer over a list item, it highlights, and a selection
box appears to the left of the item. That box will allow you to select the item, although simply
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