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clicking in the highlighted area will also select it. When you select an item, the Items ribbon
becomes active in case you want to do something to that particular item. However, you don’t
necessarily have to use the ribbon to work on an individual item.
You may have also noticed that a down arrow appears on the right side of the title column
for the list item; it helps compensate for the fact that right-clicking isn’t available for list items
in Internet Explorer. If you click the down arrow for an item (it is always at the end of either the
first column or the one with the linked text in it, no matter how wide it is), a menu pops down,
offering you approximately the same actions that the Items ribbon bar offers plus actions
specific to that individual item.
Creating a new List Item
To create a new list item, you can either activate the Items ribbon and click New Item or just click
the Add New Announcement link.
1. I’m going to choose the easiest option and click the Add New Announcement link in the
list’s content area. (It’s also the fastest option; there’s no waiting for the screen to draw the
ribbon bar.)
In the Announcements – New Item form box (see Figure 6.2), you’ll notice that although the
list showed an attachment column, a title column, and a modified column, when you create
a new item, there are other fields in that record: Body and Expires. Because the Modified
date field is a default field that you cannot change, it’s not available for data entry. Keep in
mind that the default view of the list generally doesn’t have all the fields available for the
record. It shows what Microsoft thought would be relevant for the Announcements list.
Announcements – New
Item page
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