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A green exclamation mark (!) is assigned to all new list items in SharePoint, and a little green “NEW”
appears next to them for the first 24 hours of their existence. It should disappear after a day. If the
!NEW icon bothers you, check out KB article 825510. Even though the article is for a previous version
of SharePoint, the operation and parameters still apply.
As you read in Chapter 4, the top ribbon bar tabs are context sensitive, activate depending
on where you click, and have ribbons that drop down under them. There is also always
one field in every list item that is linked to the view list item form. This means that if you
click that linked item, the item’s view form opens. (That form has its own ribbon bar that
makes options such as Edit Item available to the user.)
The linked field for an item is usually the “name” or “title” field. Keep this in mind when you are
messing with the way a list is viewed, because if the name or title fields are not displayed, the user
may not be able to access that list item to edit or view item contents easily. There is a way around
it—by using an Edit icon for each list item (add the Edit icon column to the v iew). However, it is still
good to know that there are limitations to what fields are automatically (and inflexibly) assigned
as the link for an item.
Of the List Tools tabs, the List ribbon is largely focused on things you can do in the list, such
as editing or deleting; however, for each item, there is the Items ribbon to work on it
specifically. In addition, each list item has a drop-down menu, as I mentioned earlier in the chapter.
The options in the drop-down list will, of course, depend on your permissions for the list,
the permissions for that particular item, and, even in some cases, what kind of list it is.
Keep in mind that if you cannot access the drop-down menu of an item (if it is an ActiveX
control, your browser may not support it), you can also access the item-specific
commands by going to the Items ribbon as well as into that item’s view form box (which will
have item-specific buttons available).
I am logged in as shareadmin on my server. That account is the primary site owner, so I have all
possible rights to all items at this point. This is why I have all the options possible to work on any
list, list item, site, web part, and so on. If you are working on a list in SharePoint and don’t have
all of those options, the chances are good that you are logged in and working with an account that
has limited permissions.
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