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To trigger the Item drop-down menu in the Announcements list, move your mouse
pointer over the Title field of the new Announcement item (in other lists, be sure to move
your mouse pointer over the field that is linked). It will highlight the Title field. While
the field is highlighted, you’ll notice a drop-down arrow at the end of the Title field (or
column, if you will). You can click this arrow to get the drop-down menu for the item to
appear (as shown in Figure 6.4). The drop-down arrow will always be at the end of the
column of the linked field.
A list item’s
dropdown menu
This menu will have the following items:
View Item This menu option is the same as what you see when you click the title for an
item. It brings up the box displaying the contents of that item.
Edit Item This menu option opens the Edit box for that item so you can change or add
data to the editable fields (fields such as Created Date or Last Modified are automated and
cannot be accessed or changed by a user; nor can calculated fields).
Alert Me This menu option gives you an easy way to create an alert (an email sent to
you alerting you to changes) on a list.
Manage Permissions This menu option allows you to specify permissions and security
at the item level. That’s how granular security is.
Delete Item This does exactly what you’d expect. Click it, and you get a warning that
this item will be deleted. If you OK it, the item goes to the user’s Recycle Bin for the site.
If one or more workflows, content approval, or versioning are enabled on the list, options for
them may also appear in the list item’s drop-down menu.
viewing a List Item
With your item created, the first thing you should do is verify what it looks like:
1. To view the contents of the Welcome To The Site! item, do one of the following: click View
Item on the item’s drop-down menu; select the item so the Items ribbon bar becomes
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