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announcement to expire
Back on the content page, nothing has changed, because the edit occurred within a field for
the item that isn’t displayed in this view.
The default view of the list is currently displayed, letting you know the titles of the
announcement items and when they were most recently modified. But what’s missing is when
they are scheduled to expire. That would be a useful thing to see at a glance. To provide that
ability, you need to add the Expires field to the current view (the most convenient view since it is
the default).
To add a field to the current view, you have to modify that view.
Modifying a List view
To modify an existing view, do either of the following:
Click the down arrow at the end of the title breadcrumb (it follows the name of the view,
which in this case is All Items), and select Modify This View (Figure 6.7). If you can’t see
the title area because there’s a ribbon bar in the way, click the Browse tab in the top ribbon
bar; that will get rid of the ribbon and reveal the title area.
Or, you can use a button in the ribbon to modify the view by clicking the List tab in the List
Tools toolset in the top ribbon bar and then clicking the Modify View button in the Manage
Views section.
This may be the first time you’ve seen a settings page for a view. So, let’s stop here for a
second and examine some of the sections. Knowing what the sections are will let you recognize
this information when you make changes later to lists and views.
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