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will be available as a view on a mobile phone or PDA. (SharePoint is mobile-compatible, as long
as the mobile device can access the local network.)
This brief tour was simply to show you what was available on this page; we are not going to
get that fancy with the view just yet. For now, let’s keep it simple and just add the Expires field
to the existing view.
Adding an Existing List Field to a view
To add the Expires field, while on the Edit View page, simply put a check mark next to the field
(Expires in our example) in the Columns section, and click OK at either the bottom or the top of
the Edit area.
That will take you back to the Announcements list. Notice now that a new column, Expires,
appears at the far right of the list (Figure 6.10). Now you can see at a glance when an
announcement is due to expire.
The Expires field
has been added to
the All Items view.
Removing a Field from a view
To further modify this view, let’s remove the Modified date field and replace it with the Created
By field. I find it easier to search for an announcement based on its author than when it might’ve
been modified.
1. To change the view, go back once more to the View menu at the end of the title
breadcrumb, and select Modify This View.
2. In the Columns section on the Edit View page for this list, remove the check mark next to
the Modified field name to remove it, and put a check mark next to the Created By field to
add it (Figure 6.11).
If you clicked OK, the Modified column would be removed from the current view, and
Created By would be added. However, because Created By is being added at this point,
it will be positioned at the far right or last place in the field order. I would rather it were
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