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located where the Modified column was. So, before we click OK, let’s change the order of
our fields to specify the location of the Created By field.
Adding and
removing fields from the
default view
Changing the Order of Fields in a view
While we are modifying the fields we are displaying, let’s change their order. Field order is
important. Highest-priority data should be the leftmost column in a record (unless the user is
reading a language that does not go from left to right; if that is the case, adapt accordingly).
Generally, the more important or unique a field is for an item, the closest to the left it should
be. But when fields are created, they are added to the list of fields alphabetically, and when you
choose to display a new field, it is added to the far right of the view, so there is a good chance
fields will need to be rearranged to be optimally located.
In this example, let’s place the Created By field third from the left and have the Expired field
be last, or the one farthest to the right.
To do this, notice the Position From column in the Columns section of the Edit View page,
with its drop-down boxes that contain numbers. Currently, the Attachments field is first from
the left, then Title, and then Modified.
1. To change that order, just make sure the Position From field numbers are in the order
you’d like. In this case, the Created By field should be third and the Expires field fourth.
To do this, make certain that the number of the position for the Created By field is 3 and
the position of the Expires field is 4.
2. Once your positions are complete, click OK to finish editing the view, and go back to see
the fruits of your labor.
Back on the Announcements list, in the All Items view, notice that the Created By field is
displayed, the Modified field is not (it still exists; it’s just not being used in this view), and the
Expires field is now in the fourth position (see Figure 6.12).
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